Kalor Perfecta Majolica Idro Alice 32 Pellet Stove 32Kw

Kalor Perfecta Majolica Idro Alice 32 Pellet Stove 32Kw, Energy Pellet Hot Air Stove with radiator connection

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Kalor Perfecta Majolica Idro Alice 32 Pellet Stove 32Kw


High efficiency Pellet Hot Air Energy Stove 95.79%

Heated area up to 240sqm

Kalor energy stoves designed for greater energy savings with the benefit of economy in consumption & greater efficiency in heating

Radiator stove
High efficiency & high power with double vertical pipes. This double vertical tube maximizes the flow of energy described in the second law of thermodynamics, according to which heat is transferred from one system with a higher temperature to one with a lower temperature. At the top of the combustion chamber actually the smoke from the combustion comes in contact with a body with a different temperature. The various stages of molecular vibration, due to contact, cause the transmission of energy between atoms. The vapor molecules disintegrate, reducing their density and then spontaneously rising causing upward movements. The hot exhaust gases are then directed along the 20 pipes and accumulate heat loss. This speeds up the excellent performance of this radiator stove.


Total thermal efficiency: 32.41-8.95 kW
Thermal Water Efficiency: 6.92-27.66Kw
Yield: 95.79%
Chimney diameter: 80 mm
Hourly consumption: 6.60-1.80kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 645x738x1427mm
Heated surface: 240sqm

Available colors: Black, Burgundy, White

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