Kalor Nux Idro Francesca 17 Pellet Stove 18Kw


Kalor Nux Idro Francesca 17 Pellet Stove 18Kw, Energy Pellet Hot Air Stove with the possibility of connecting to a radiator


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Kalor Nux Idro Francesca 17 Pellet Stove 18Kw


High efficiency Pellet Hot Air Energy Stove 97.54%

Heated area up to 180sqm

High efficiency, in practical terms means that: If 100% is the amount of heat coming from combustion, 94.5% is the percentage of heat you bring into the environment and 5.5% is the percentage of heat from the exhaust. In order to obtain these results, careful planning was required which could then be extended into the stove body, the exchange surface releasing the maximum amount of heat from the exhaust gases before they escape out of the exhaust fan. The extension to the exchange surface includes the entire rear of the stove and the entire surface of the sides from top to bottom. These surfaces are a forced course of 3m (1.5m per side) for the gases that gradually emit heat from the transport. Only after this continuous and compact construction, a stove becomes a NUX stove. The design solutions are reminiscent of those obtained from nature to allow the perfect ripening of the nuts (NUX in Latin). Like walnut, the stove presents a series of empty spaces dedicated to smoke, to avoid heat wastage and allow significant savings in consumption. The smoke comes out of the stove at a very low temperature of 131 ° C. This is proof of the true performance of the NUX design system

Radiator stove
High efficiency & high power with double vertical pipes. This double vertical tube maximizes the flow of energy described in the second law of thermodynamics, according to which heat is transferred from one system with a higher temperature to one with a lower temperature. At the top of the combustion chamber actually the smoke from the combustion comes in contact with a body with a different temperature. The various stages of molecular vibration, due to contact, cause the transmission of energy between atoms. The vapor molecules disintegrate, reducing their density and then spontaneously rising causing upward movements. The hot exhaust gases are then directed along the 20 pipes and accumulate heat loss. This speeds up the excellent performance of this radiator stove.


Total thermal efficiency: 4.1-18 kw
Thermal efficiency in water: 3.1-13.43 kw
Thermal efficiency in the space: 0.84-3.71 kw
Yield: 94.97-97.54%
Chimney diameter: 80 mm
Silo capacity: 50 Kg
Weight: 160 Kg
Autonomy: 9-39 h.
Hourly consumption: 1.04-3.7 Kg
Dimensions (PCYXB): 630 X1120 X 520 mm
Available colors: Black, Bordeaux, Gray

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