Kalor Ermetica Nux 98 12C Pellet Stove 12Kw Canalizzata


Kalor Ermetica Nux 98 12C Pellet Stove 12Kw Canalizzata, Energy Pellet Hot Air High Efficiency 97.89%


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Kalor Ermetica Nux 98 12C Pellet Stove 12Kw Canalizzata


High efficiency Pellet Hot Air Energy Stove 97.89%

Heated area up to 120 sq.m.

The aesthetics of the Nux 98 line is played with the curved line. With the same round nut line, the scope of which including the name in Latin, the stove Nux 98 not only warms, but also provides personality and character. Without exaggeration, the subtle shortcomings identify an elegant profile for more technical and functional elements: the hips, the network for the distribution of air in the environment, the upper top.
The airspace is illuminated from the side of the glass, which creates a play of light and reflections that allow the oven to better fit the environment in which it is located.


Total thermal efficiency: 11.75 kw
Yield: 97.89%
Chimney diameter: Φ 80
Silo capacity: 20 Kg
Weight: 110 Kg
Autonomy: 8-39 h / hour.
Hourly consumption: 0.5-2.42 Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 473 × 1068 × 537 mm
Heated surface: 120sqm
Possibility of Wireless Remote Control.
Possibility of installing air ducts for the transfer of hot air to another area

Available colors: Burgundy, Black, White

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