King 98 Pellet Stove 8kw by KALOR


Pellet King 98 8kw stove made in italy Available colors: Black, Bordeaux, Gray, beige, Suitable for spaces 80 sq.m.


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King 98 Pellet Stove 8kw by KALOR

The package includes a wireless controller for remote control.

Total thermal power 2.84 to 10kW
Useful thermal power 2.64 to 9.05 kw
Hourly pellet consumption 0.6 – 2.0 kg-h
Efficiency Min – Max 89.53 with 92.70%
Chimney Φ 80
Pellet fuel tank Kg 20-13
Autonomy h 6.5-22
Power consumption at nominal power 100-300 W
Weight 91 kg
Dimensions cm 47 × 47.6 × 99.9

The “full power consumption is 100 W.

King stove stove is able to increase thermal efficiency and efficiency with significant cost savings in consumption achieving a maximum efficiency of 92.70%.
If 100% is the percentage of heat generated by the combustion of the pellet, 92.70% is the percentage of heat introduced into the environment, and only 8.3% is the percentage of exhaust heat.

To achieve these results requires careful planning inside the body of the stove, to extend the maximum amount of heat from the exhaust gases before they are led out of the exhaust fan.

The stove is equipped with an elegant multi-function heat exchanger and LCD screen remote control, housing and heat pipe to increase thermal efficiency and the grill can be easily removed for daily cleaning. The dimensions of the pipes were reduced to avoid turbulence and noise.
The electronically designed pellet stove can provide weekly on and off programming.

Also in the combustion chamber is a secondary transport to improve pellet combustion. The combustion chamber is characterized by steel walls and a removable classic finish, to facilitate the cleaning of the pellet combustion residue.

The tank is equipped with a grate, so as to prevent contact with the pellet loading mechanisms.
The stove is also equipped with temperature sensors to check for proper operation safely, a pressure switch to detect exhaust fumes and adjustable scratch-resistant feet.

European certifications certify the excellent thermal efficiency in the lowest consumption.
All the features make the stove a high quality product.

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